Our Team

Jennifer Polletta OM



Jennifer joined our team in 2018 and is our newest member! She is originally from Connecticut where she was a certified dental assistant for 3 years.  She moved to Maine in 2011 with her two sons and has spent the last 7 years working as an assistant office manager. She is very knowledgeable with different insurance companies and making sure each patient has a positive experience.

Jennifer lives in Sanford with her Husband, youngest Son Jacob and her dog Brandy.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends at their camp in Rangeley and you can find them there year-round snowmobiling or boating.

Alicia Ouellette RDH


Alicia is a 2005 graduate of the University of New England and joined our team shortly after.  She is trained in advanced periodontal therapy through the world-renowned Las Vegas Dental Institute. She holds a license in local anesthesia as well as Nitrous oxide and is trained in IV and Oral Sedation. She brings her high level of skill and caring to the practice and performs her dental hygiene treatment in a professional and pain-free environment.

Alicia lives in Alfred with her Husband, twin Daughters Madeline and Sydney, and their pets.  She enjoys reading and spending the summers at camp with her family and friends.  She is very active in her daughters lives and enjoys every minute watching them grow.

Ashlee Dionne RDH

Ashlee (1)


Ashlee joined our team in 2015.  She graduated from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in 2011 with her bachelor’s degree. She holds a license in local anesthesia and is trained in Oral and IV sedation. Ashlee is fully cross trained and in adjunction to caring for her hygiene patients she is trained to assist with Dr. Altieri in restorative care for patients.

Ashlee lives in Wells with her Husband, Daughter Kennedy, and 2 dogs. She enjoys reading and spending her free time with her family and friends.

Debra Pow DA



Debra joined our team in 2005. She oversees the clinical aspect of our practice and makes sure all the needs of our patients are met while in treatment. She is a licensed dental radiologist as well as trained in IV and Oral Sedation Dentistry. She has advanced training in Porcelain Veneers and E4D “same day” crown fabrication as well as Implant treatment. Her attention to detail and patient care also contributes to the business aspect of the office, helping in all areas to keep the patient experience a positive one.

Debra lives in Kennebunk with her dog Lucy and her 3 cats.   She has completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently going for her master’s in social work.  Debra enjoys spending time with her Daughter Korey, reading, and she enjoys being outdoors and going kayaking and hiking in the summer.  She also is active with the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk and helps Foster kittens.

Mary Altieri DA

Mary (1)


Mary joined our team in 2014 and is trained in dental assisting.  She is also Dr. Altieri’s youngest Daughter. Her ability to anticipate the needs during any procedure is one of the main reasons for the overall success of our patient’s visits. She contributes a wonderful, positive and upbeat personality to the Team and is quick to offer a big smile.

Mary lives in Gardiner with her Partner Ross, their 4 children and their dog Barretta. She enjoys spending time with her family and going to the beach.