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Emergency Visits

Emergencies happen when we least expect them.  Dr. Altieri reserves time in his schedule each day for emergency visits.  At this visit you can expect any necessary x-rays to check for infection, decay, or if the tooth is broken. Dr. Altieri will then do a limited exam to diagnose the problem.  Once the treatment plan is made our Office Manager will discuss finances and schedule treatment.

If you are a patient of record and our office is closed, the answering machine has an emergency number that you may reach Dr. Altieri.

Tips for common dental emergencies:

  • For a knocked-out permanent or adult tooth, keep it moist at all times. If you can, try placing the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If that’s not possible, place it in between your cheek and gums or in milk.  Then get to your dentist as soon as possible.
  • For a cracked tooth, immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area. Put cold compresses on the face to keep any swelling down.
  • If you bite your tongue or lip, clean the area gently with water and apply a cold compress.
  • For toothaches, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out. Gently use dental floss to remove any food caught between the teeth. Do not put aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissues
  • For objects stuck in the mouth, try to gently remove with floss but do not try to remove it with sharp or pointed instruments.